on the boat 1My name is Igor Royzis.

I’m a Hands-on CTO & Consultant Specializing in Strategy, Architecture & Software Development.

I’m passionate about building highly productive technology teams, designing architecture for Internet and mobile solutions, managing complex software organizations, turning ideas into reality, and helping businesses choose and apply appropriate tools and technologies to successfully grow, compete and succeed.

What I enjoy the most (professionally that is):

• Designing software architecture for cloud based mobile, web and data platforms
• Building a technology organization from ground up. I’ve done it with three startups.
• Leading and managing the entire product development strategy and execution.
• Leading a software development organization with multiple, geographically dispersed agile teams.
• Rolling my sleeves and developing software. Yes, I enjoy coding and I strongly believe that a great CTO must also be a great developer.
• Delivering “kick-ass” (webster definition: strikingly or overwhelmingly tough, aggressive, powerful, or effective) solutions

• Software Architecture: Web, Mobile and Big Data
• Agile Software Development Methodologies, Scrum Master
• Technology Startups: strategy, planning, execution
• Team Building, Leadership, Management and Mentoring
• Technology Evaluation and Due Diligence
• Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architecture
• IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
• Big Data, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Reporting

• M&A
• Investment Banking
• Private Equity
• Portfolio Risk Management
• Securities Trading
• Professional & Social Networks
• Business Brokerage
• e-Commerce
• Wholesale and Distribution

I use this site to share my thoughts on technology, consulting and startups.